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Welcome to design additive,

your go-to partner for transforming your wildest design dreams into tangible reality through the precision of additive manufacturing.

Craftsmanship in Additive Manufacturing: At Design Additive, we’re masters of additive manufacturing – a groundbreaking process that adds a whole new dimension to design. From intricate prototypes to fully functional end-use products, we harness the knowledge of 3D printing to craft tangible, high-quality designs.

“3D printing opens the door to crafting products that challenge conventional boundaries.”

Diverse Applications:


Quickly bring your ideas to life and test them efficiently with our cutting-edge prototyping solutions, from initial rendering to final production.

 End-Use Products:

Create functional and durable end-use products with unrivalled precision and speed.

 Custom Designs:

Unlock boundless possibilities for custom designs across diverse industries. 3D printing opens the door to producing products that were once thought impossible.

Innovative Design Solutions:


Dive into a vast array of design possibilities with our versatile additive manufacturing capabilities.


We’re passionate about pushing the limits of additive design, ensuring your projects stand at the forefront of innovation.


From conceptualization to creation, our pledge is to deliver excellence in every additive manufacturing venture.

Graphic & Web design



Web design:

From website conception and design to meticulous programming and ongoing maintenance to ensure a seamless user experience. Our expertise extends to creating newsletter applications, compelling UX/UI banners, website management and server installation. We also specialise in creating online advertising campaigns from inception to completion, ensuring maximum impact and reach.



Graphic & Web design



Graphic design:

Creating brochures, posters, exhibitions, book and magazine covers, flyers and logos. Branding strategies that ensure your identity stands out from the crowd.